Operator error can injure someone and/or financially bankrupt your company.  There’s a reason ANSI requires training.  It happens everyday … someone gets hurt or worse.  Don’t let this be you!  Avoid the accident get your people trained!

Aerial Equipment offers Classroom Training and Familiarization Training for companies and individuals.  Lift Operator Training teaches your employees safety features plus hands-on field training on a variety of boom and scissor lift equipment.  All of our instructors are certified and have over a decade of field experience.

Upon completion of the 4 hour training, each employee will receive a wallet-sized certificate and a certification for the owner company.

No job is worth loss of life.  Boom and Sissor Lifts are normally pretty easy to operate but they can cause serious accidents if proper training is not followed.  Make sure your people are trained.  We offer classroom and familiarization training for companies and individuals.

Lift Operator Training are offered in 2 types:

General Lift Training – Classroom type training, hands-on familiarization training – walk around machine to learn safety features, characteristics of the boom or scissor lift.

Training on-site or off – 4 hours training program. Learn the value of  protecting your company from a law suit!  Each person is given personal instructions on our classroom training equipment.

Safety is our number one priority at Aerial Equipment Services. Thousands of injuries take place every year due to equipment accidents. We want to provide the best training to help your team be safe and in compliance with all training regulations.  At the end of a training, everyone participating will receive a certificate of completion to keep on record.

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