Are You Up To Date On Changing ANSI Standards?

    Read About the New ANSI A92 Standards   Excerpt from "Big Changes Coming to ANSI A92 Standards" by Chad Hislop   The new ANSI standards will be subject specific such that ANSI A92.20 (design), A92.22 (safe use) and A92.24 (training) covers booms, scissors and manually propelled aerials. There is no easy way to say it other than “everything will change.” Some of the key changes in the new ANSI A92 standards are: Platform Load Sense – All aerials will be required to continuously check the weight in the platform and disable function if the load is above the platform load limit. This requires additional systems, sophisticated components, service and training requirements. Dynamic Terrain Sensing in Booms – Unlike the current standards, drive and certain boom functions must be disabled when out of their slope limit and functions restricted only to those that safely return the machine to terrain that is within limits. Indoor-Only Machines – Provisions will exist for aerials that may only