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Our well-trained technicians are the best in the business! They are thorough in every aspect of the inspection process. Our professionals are up-to-date on OSHA Requirements and are committed to safety in the workplace.

All of our inspectors are certified and follow the manufacturers recommended inspection checklist. Upon completion of each inspection, we provide our customers with:

  • A full inspection report on each piece of equipment
  • A detailed report on any deficiencies
  • Recommendations for repairs needed
  • A digital copy of the inspection reports

We also keep historical records for each piece of equipment that we service. Call or digitally request a report copy any time!

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Common Questions

When Are Lift Inspections Required?

OSHA requires lift inspections several times throughout the year for safety in your workplace.

Frequent Inspections: Every three months or 150 hours, in the order of first occurrence.

Annual Inspections: At the latest, an annual inspection must take place thirteen months following the prior annual inspection.

Who Can Inspect Aerial Lifts?

Only companies or individuals who are qualified with proper licensing and training.  Our technicians at Aerial Equipment Services are highly qualified to inspect aerial lifts as required by OSHA and ANSI/SAIA guidelines.

Who Needs Training?

All workers should be trained for the safety of your workplace. OSHA requires that any person who will be operating an aerial platform, regardless of the task must:

1. Be trained
2. Have training on the specific aerial platform to be operated
3. Be aware of the responsibilities of operating the aerial platform

How Often Do I Need Training?

Most training certificates need to be renewed every three years but this varies depending the training. Each aerial platform requires different operation training.

A Team of Professionals

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 Aerial Equipment Services’ staff are knowledgeable, experienced and ready to help. We have a full-staff of trained professionals to meet your needs.

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